Launch Day

We were invited to take part in the Engineering Launch day on Wednesday 17th October -on the very last day of term. We did not know it at the time, but it would soon prove to be a fantastic finish to our term.

When we arrived, we were quite shocked to see the number of schools across the West Midlands who came.  After a brief tea/coffee, we were given a brief introduction to the aims of the programme. Following this, we were set a challenge by the team from the JCB company. The challenge was to see which of the teams present could design and build a chassis which fit the specified measurements, whilst being able to carry the greatest weight possible when suspended between two tables. We were given one hour, 10 pieces of A4 paper, 8 straws, a paper-clip, a roll of Sellotape, a ruler, a pencil and a pair of scissors. Now, that was a challenge. Yet somehow, we managed to build a chassis which fit the measurements and queued up for it to be tested for its strength. Following the long, anxious wait, we found ourselves watching our chassis as weights were piled on it one after another. To all our surprise, the chassis managed to hold a weight of 11.9kg!

We went to lunch with pride, but little did we know that when we came back we would be announced as the winners of the challenge. We were each given a generous goodie bag by the company.

Next, we met our engineers, who briefed us on our project-to design and build a football training academy for the Birmingham team. We are all excited to be part of this programme and cannot wait to design our training complex!

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