Football Training Academy

Having completed the research and first report set by our engineers James and Richard in which we looked at existing training football training academies as well as potential sites for ours, we are really starting to get an idea as to what we want our football training academy to look like.

We have chosen the location and are currently in the process of deciding upon the facilities which are to be within the academy. Since the four of us are not too well versed in football training grounds (surprising, I know), we were desperately in need of some inspiration. Well, where better to find it than the current Birmingham City Football Club training academy itself! With the help of our engineers, we managed to get a guided tour during our Friday afternoon block. The man who showed us round was very informative and helpful, answering all of our questions (believe me, there were many) and allowing us to take plenty of photos and video footage. We learnt not only about the physical football aspects but also other vital facilities such as the need for classrooms for the younger boys to be educated in. This was something we had not really thought about thus far.

The visit was a truly enjoyable afternoon out and it has really given us some food for thought as to what we want our training centre to include. All we need to know now is the budget we have to work to, as this will of course have a great bearing on the calibre of training facility we can design. Fingers crossed that our engineers are kind to us and give us a substantial budget which allows us to let our imaginations run wild!

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