So the end is nearly in sight….

Our report is nearly completed and we are starting to look towards the final celebration day in April. A couple of Fridays ago, we went to Arup to present our training academy proposal to a room of engineers as part of a mock public consultation. The four of us were feeling quite nervous and unsure as to what to expect, this feeling was heightened on entering a rather large board room with a table of people looking at us!  However everyone seemed friendly and we were at least able to enjoy the free food while we set up for our mini presentation. We then proceeded in pitching our training academy proposal to the engineers who asked us questions at the end as well as giving us valuable feedback, encouraging us to think about things which had not previously crossed our minds. So it was a truly useful afternoon which enabled us to practise our presenting skills and receive constructive criticism on our ideas which we have since been able to take on board and use to tweak our final report which is to be handed in before we break up for Easter. So it’s all go go go at the moment, but we are very nearly there, one final push and the written part of the project will be complete! Write again soon when hopefully we’ll be proudly able to say that we’ve finished!

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