Final Assessment and Celebration Day.

So, here we are, we’ve reached the finish line and our time participating in the Engineering Education Scheme has come to a close.
We attended the final assessment and celebration day on Thursday 25th April where we had to present our finished report to a panel of 6 assessors. We felt pleased with how it went, despite the ‘technical difficulties’ which meant that we showed the wrong, unfinished PowerPoint, but hopefully it wasn’t too obvious! After a presentation of around 20 minutes in length, we returned to our exhibition stand showcasing our report and project, including scale drawings and mood boards. We had the opportunity to wander around the hall and look at the work of the other schools and speak to them about their projects. We also received people at our stand to whom we explained our project and answered any questions they had. The most common of which was ‘how did you create your 3D digital images? What software did you use?’. Well, our answer to this was: ‘Sims 2’. As you can imagine, this never failed to get a little chuckle! But our resourcefulness was praised, as we had used what was available to us. However we think that people were just amused that we could find an excuse to sit playing video games while being able to class it as work! Our stand was then visited by our 6 assessors who asked us questions on what had been mentioned in our presentation as well as the components of our exhibition stand. At 2 o’clock, parents began to arrive to look around the exhibition, so this was the opportunity for us to present our training facility idea to any visitors and again, answer any questions thrown at us. We received mostly positive feedback from the assessors along with some constructive criticism and were presented with our EES participation certificates. The whole day was thoroughly enjoyable and a brilliant experience as we could showcase the project we have worked so hard on over the past 6 months.
Just a quick word about the Engineering Education Scheme in general and our pitch to potential future team members, wow, what an opportunity! No, it hasn’t always been easy so don’t expect it, there are many problems that you will have to overcome along the way, as we did, but at the end of the day, that is the nature of engineering in the real world. Things don’t run smoothly and you have to be prepared to deal with that and adapt your ideas. So although none of us want to pursue a career in civil engineering, we feel as though we have gained many vital skills which will certainly stand us in good stead for later assignments, reports and presentations at university and in our future careers. We have gained a real insight into what it is like to be an engineer and it has confirmed for most of us that engineering is the route we want to take. Be prepared to work hard, but trust us, you will also have a lot of fun! From trips out to training centres to singing Les Miserables songs in the video tech room while we worked (don’t ask), we’ve done it all… But with that said, we have created a finished product that we are proud of. We have something interesting to talk about at university interviews that will really demonstrate our passion for engineering, we have had the opportunity to network with engineering companies as well as work with engineers who have offered us any help we may need with our future careers. Our contact at Birmingham City Football Club is also keen to read our report. So you never know what might happen with that

Well, we could go on forever really, but our advice is quite simply this: if you think you would enjoy the challenge of tackling a real life engineering problem, then EES is perfect for you. Oh and we had better bust the myth one more time: no, engineering is not just for boys, so go for it and give EES a try!
Thanks for keeping up with our progress.

The team – Jess, Lydia, Charli and Changavy

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